Community Cares: Adam Watters

Community Cares: Adam Watters

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Every year the Guelph’s Holiday Angels puts together a huge ‘Community Cares Basket’ and chooses one family that we feel could use some extra cheer during this holiday season. This year we have chosen two families : Adam Watters and Family - Amy Finamore and Family

The Angels would love to deliver a basket on Christmas Day and let them know that Guelph is behind them and thinking of them during this difficult time.  If you would like to contribute, you can purchase a donation here. All proceeds collected will go towards making the family a huge basket consisting of the following items:

  • Food and Consumables
  • Festive Treats similar to the Guelph Holiday Angel Baskets
  • Gift Cards for Local Restaurants
  • Toys

If you have any ideas for items to include, please don’t hesitate email

Meet: Adam Watters and His Family
Adam is the father of three young boys and has been told the heartbreaking news that he has 3-5 years to live due to an aggressive cancer. He is now on the journey of fighting for his life.

His story starts off differently. Adam had gone to the eye doctor because he was having trouble seeing in his right eye, little did he know that he had a cancerous tumour behind his retina. A short time later, Adam learned his cancer had spread to his blood. Doctors told Adam the heartbreaking news that he is now diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and it was time to start chemotherapy. Adam was able to decide if he wanted to take chemotherapy with pills or an IV. He chose pills so he could still go to work and support his family. Doctors told him his cancer was not advanced at that time. After two months of chemotherapy treatment, Adam was struggling beyond words in pain and was not able to get out of bed due to his pain. He knew something was wrong, and further blood tests and doctors appointments revealed his cancer was spreading rapidly and had manifested in his joints and bones. Adam was given the final diagnosis of secondary bone cancer stage four and doctors told him he had 3 to 5 years to live. Adam absolutely cannot imagine not being there for his children, as they are the ones who keep him fighting every day. 

​“Thank you to the Guelph Holiday Angels for choosing our family this year, we are so appreciative ❤️”